Minimal Anchor Strap (Peak Design AL)

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Color English Tan
Size 28" (short)
Fastening Method Hand-Stitched ($119)

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A great camera strap option for those that prefer a more minimal carry, yet all the flexibility of the quick-release Anchor Strap. This strap is 3/4" all the way through, and is made the same way as the Anchor Camera strap, just without the neckpiece.
Each strap starts with high-quality full-grain leather, which is tanned in the USA. We use leathers with a medium temper that ensure comfort on first use with a “broken-in” feel.
Both traditional Film SLR or DSLR cameras from or Nikon work great with this strap, as well as any Leica, Fujifilm, Sony mirrorless cameras.
Peak Design Anchors For this camera strap we're using hardware from Peak Design, who has a long history in innovative quick-release products. This is a great choice for someone interested in other Peak Design products, or someone already invested in their ecosystem.
• Designed to mount to most camera systems
• High-quality Full-grain Leather
• Secured with either Military grade waxed polycord thread or Solid Brass Black Rivets
• Peak Design Anchor Links  ( Anchors each hold over 200lbs (90kg) and feature extreme abrasion-resistance.)
Straps can be made between 34"-54" (40" is the most popular length).