NOTE: We measure from tip to tip of the split ring, or anchor link cord to determine our measurements. Due to the handmade process please allow for some slight variance on the specifications of your strap.


When making a decision on a size for your camera strap, we recommend referring to an existing camera strap you have and measuring its length and then use that as a guide to inform your decision. (Tip: Use a string, and then measure the string to get the measurements on a strap that is already attached to a camera)

Our most popular length is 40", this tends to be an all around good length for many people. If you aren't sure what length you need, you can also use a string at varying lengths and place around your neck to get a feel for the drop each length will have on your torso.

We also offer an Adjustable Anchor Strap for folks who like the option to adjust their size based on shooting conditions.