Our Story

I’ve been a photographer for 15 years and over the last 6, have been making high quality camera straps for photographers. 

We got our start in my garage, where I came up with the idea to combine great hardware with the best leather we could find. The result was a comfortable, high function camera strap that looked great, and inspired us to take our cameras with us everywhere.

What We Value

To See Others Enjoy The Carry: Truthfully, it's our mission. To make products that serve photographers, and motivate them to pick up their cameras more. We know what it's like to be uninspired, burnout, or stricken with imposter syndrome. We hope the products we make give you that nudge you need to take your camera everywhere you go.

Goods Made to Last: It doesn't matter if it's for work or play, every product we make is built using timeless materials made to last. When your grandkids dig through your attic looking for cameras, we hope they also find our products. They may be a little dirty and aged, but fully functional.