Our Story

For the Love of Photography

I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years, and Clever Supply was born 10 years into that journey out of a desire to see photographers love their craft.

We make high-quality camera accessories, that we hope will inspire and motivate you to always choose to pick up your camera and enjoy the carry.

Made to Last

I fell into all this by accident. In 2016 my wife gifted me a leather key clip for Christmas and I was immediately obsessed by how well it was made. I started working with leather as a creative outlet and made anything I could to practice working with my hands. 

Before long it was clear that I could marry my two passions together and make beautiful camera straps that look good and felt great for the wearer.

Each camera strap we sell is hand-crafted by us in our workshop, we use traditional methods to ensure you get a quality product that will wear-in, not wear out, and only get better with age.

 Go Big AND Go Home

Years ago a close friend of mine was in the midst of pursuing his life's calling and told me that he was going to 'Go big AND Go Home', He said, “there doesn't need to be an ‘OR’ in that statement, you can do both"

That conversation stuck with me, and has informed a lot how I think about this little company we're building. I believe in pursuing big dreams, but that doesn't need to come at the cost of having a full life with the ones you love.

So we work really hard, and take rest seriously, so we can be present with the people who make this life worth living. 

And as we enjoy this journey we're on, we hope to help you enjoy the carry.