Our Story

Enjoy The Carry

I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years, and Clever Supply Co was born from the desire to see photographers do more with their work. Whether it's on an all day shoot or a quick photo-walk, we believe everyone should enjoy the carrying their camera. Our products won't make you better at what you do, but we hope they inspired and motivate you to always choose to pick up your camera, and enjoy the carry.  make products that blend function and form to elevate the shooting experience. 

Made to Last

I fell into leather-craft by accident, my wife got me a leather key clip for Christmas one year and I was immediately obsessed with how something so simple could also feel so well made. I started working with leather as a hobby because I wanted to make things with my hands that would last and could be passed down to your kids one day.

Each product we make is hand-crafted me both me and my wife. We make things like they used to make them. As far as we're concerned, wear shouldn’t be a sign that something should be replaced, but rather proof that it’s worth holding onto, and made to withstand the journey ahead.


Go Big AND Go Home

A friend said this to me years ago as he was describing his pursuit of work life balance. “There doesn’t need to be an ‘OR’ in that statement” he said “we should be able to do both.”

That conversation has stuck with me for a long time, and I believe pursuing big dreams shouldn’t have to come at the cost of having a full life with the ones you love. So we work really hard, and rest hard to recharge and pursue being present with the people who make this life worth living.