• Peak Design integration: Alright most of you get why this is awesome but I’ll run you few a few points.
    • First, you have the quick release, this means it’s easy remove your camera at any point and swap the body to a standard neck strap like the ones we make, or throw on another body onto the harness.
    • Second, it’s incredibly silent and no more metal coming in contact with your camera body.
    • What about the Anchor links, are they strong enough to handle my heavy gear? Yes, each anchor link is rated at 200lb each, we’ll also have optional safety tethers available for purchase. You can read more about Peak Design Anchor links here.
    • How about camera swing? Some have asked about camera swing. From my experience, but also talking with the other testers, this hasn’t been noticeably different than other Harnesses used, you’ll experience some camera swing on any Harness. 
  • Peak Design anchor mount: This is the piece of hardware we’re using that enables you to attach to the bottom of your camera. Peak design has done a great job with this hardware in that it doesn’t come unscrewed once you’ve attached it, unlike many other screw mount attachments. You’ll use an allen key to tighten and then loosen when you are ready to remove. Here’s a link to this product for reference

  • No tangle design & weight distribution:
    • The leather back plate is design to keep you from accidentally tangling your harness, if you’ve used other harnesses with an X back design you know the frustration :)
    • Additionally, the back plate also distributes the weight of the camera load more comfortably than X design harnesses which helps with comfort while shooting all day.
    • Sizing: We've been working with a model that has a very wide range of sizing adjustments, that said we are actively working with a few other photographers with different body build sizes to get final feedback on our adjustments. If there is a sizing issue with your first edition Harness, we'll be sure to fix it to your needs.
    • Lightweight and Minimal: We worked hard to deliver the smallest foot print possible, while also ensuring comfort. These Harnesses weigh ~15oz which is 35% lighter than a popular competitor harnesses. When your on your feet all day, every little bit counts in helping you manage your energy. We’ll also include removable shoulder pads which will give you that extra support on your shoulders when carrying heavier gear.
    • Long-hair friendly: We’ve stripped out extra D-rings other metal hardware that is prone for hair to tangle around, this makes for a comfortable experience with taking off your harness or adjusting it.
    • Leather Color options?: For this release we'll be offering a Brown, Black  and our new Bourbon Bridle leather. 
    • Delivery timeline: Based on order volume we plan to take orders for a week, and will aim to ship Harnesses within 2-3 weeks of being orders. We will have a limited supply of each color on hand at launch ready to ship, those will be first come first serve and will ship within a few days of ordering. 

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